Monday, August 26, 2013

ANN7: Our girl thinks she's on Top Billing; can't speak but says goodbye with a wink of the eye and a 'Good night, God bless'.

Our girl thinks she's Bonang Matheba on Top Billing and although she can't speak properly and stumbles over her words, the ANN7 news reader bid viewers goodbye on the air with an informal wink of the eye. 

I cannot show you video. Although it's fair use for news purposes, Aiplex Software might likely "censor" it on behalf of ANN7 (DStv 405) and try to scrub the deplorably bad examples of MultiChoice's third local TV news channel on DStv from the interwebs.

But believe me when I tell you ANN7 is bad. Very bad. And that the trash television on channel 405 on DStv, worse than the very worse the SABC ever dredged up, continues relentlessly.

Unintentionally hilarious as all the ANN7 on-air unprofessionalism and mistakes seen on DStv to date, our girl who comes across as trying to emulate Bonang Matheba in a Top Billing style, but Bonang Matheba reading the news, fumbles her words, and then in a totally inappropriate, too familiar for the anchor desk style, winks as if she's signing off from a weekly glamarama magazine show.

"See you, on, the uh-, ah, other side. Good night and God bless." (wink)

The sad thing is we're not seeing this on the other side but on a 24-hour TV news channel with a very big problem when it comes to news readers, technical quality and on-air standards - not just an embarrassement for Infinity Media, but for South Africa.