Tuesday, August 27, 2013

ANN7 model presenter lashes out at critics, vents in a Facebook post; admits there's a 'vast number of errors and mistakes' on ANN7.

The ANN7 model presenter Sheena Deepnarain is lashing out at critics of the disastrous ANN7 24-hour TV news channel from Infinity Media but admits "there is a vast number of errors and mistakes".

ANN7 (DStv 405) started on MultiChoice's DStv platform with ongoing and highly embarrassing mistakes last Wednesday and now Sheena Deepnarain is venting in a Facebook rant about the "cynicism" over ANN7, saying ANN7 "value valid critics".

In a post on Facebook which Sheena Deepnarain says she "just needed to get it out there", she says people are making fun of ANN7 but fails to address why:

"With all the cynicism going around #ANN7 at this point I’ve decided to add my bit, read it, don’t read it, take from it or don’t I just needed to get it out there.

For the record I am proud to be apart of ANN7 – Channel 405DSTV.

Having worked in the industry for just over a decade, my industry friends and I know how difficult the road has been, not because thereisn’t talent out there but because the opportunities are few and far apart.

There was a need for someone or some company to take that chance and invest in the youth of the media and entertainment industry and that was ANN7.

And for that I am grateful to ANN7 and admire ANN7.

Let me explain…

Take a bunch of graduates from a graduate class at an artsand culture college for example in South Africa.

Say 20 graduated, how many are actually working in the industry that they planned to work in? In entertainment, probably 2 -5 out of 20, because in this industry, there are not enough opportunities, and with the cost of living out there, hustling isn’t an option for many, we need some sort of stable income.

A lot of people who invest years of going to auditions, studying drama, journalism etc. turn to other careers, not because they want to but because they sadly have to.

ANN7 believed in the youth and went on a massive recruitment campaign to hire graduates within the industry and invest in them and provide them with a much-needed platform. They were the ones who took this chance andare also getting the negative that goes with it, but still they stand by our careers and us.

Whilst there is a vast number of errors and mistakes, South Africa is really watching ANN7 revolutionize an industry that needed it,mistakes and all.

In a few years down the line, when the channel has overcome this negative road and is successful, which I do believe it will be, the people who stood by it would stand by the saying “Stand for something, or fall for anything.” And I stand for ANN7 along with the rest of the hardworking team of ANN7.

At ANN7 we value valid critics.

But like a lot of what is going on, is that people are making fun of News Anchors, Presenters etc., who were brave enough to put their heads on the line and pave the path for others to follow down the line and this saddens me.

Even though you spend years studying, theory for me in this industry probably gets you to complete 20% of the job, the rest (80%) is achieved by practicality. Most aren’t exposed to practicality and now that they are given the opportunity the country sits back and laughs when really these young people should be encouraged as they will only improve with practice as it comes by being provided with this opportunity.

With all that said, say what you want now about ANN7,comment, hate but ANN7 is the start of great things to come…."