Saturday, November 3, 2012

IT TAKES BALLS. Why eNCA reporter Yusuf Omar dropped his pants on television to do his to-camera piece clad in a red speedo.

Now this takes balls: to do your link to camera for your news story in a red speedo - but that is exactly what the eNCA reporter Yusuf Omar just did.

For his latest eNCA (DStv 403) story Yusuf Omar dropped trou to cover (or uncover) the DaREDevil Run of 1 300 Speedo-clad guys jogging in Baywatch style through Sandton on Friday to raise awareness for testicular cancer.

Yusuf Omar also took part in the race (below left) - keeping his spiffy jacket and tie on, but dropping his pants for a red speedo and lime green sneakers as he jogged along with his own handheld camera,  as a cameraman filmed the insert.

Then Yusuf Omar did his end link. Whilst the camera angle initially started with a close-up shot and Yusuf Omar only seen in his jacket and tie as for a conventional to-camera closing, the camera then panned out and back to suddenly reveal the "surprise": that he's actually wearing a red speedo too. Look ma, no pants!