Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Bessie Tugwana is back as the permanent channel head of SABC2, following her stint as the acting head of television at the SABC.

You're reading it here first. 

Bessie Tugwana is back as the permanent channel head of SABC2, I can report.

Bessie Tugwana who used to be the SABC2 channel head, was elevated at the beginning of 2011 to the newly created position of head of television at the SABC (but in an acting capacity) when the SABC's top brass decided to reorganize the SABC's services from a public and commercial services separation, to a radio and TV division.

Previously there was the public TV channels SABC1 and SABC2 on one side with public radio stations, with the commercial TV channel SABC3 and the commercial radio stations of the public broadcaster on the other side.

At the beginning of 2011 as part of the SABC's turnaround strategy, all three TV stations were lumped together with a new head of television; and all the radio stations were grouped together with a head of radio.

When Bessie Tugwana was given the position in an acting capacity, Pulane Tshabalala took over in February 2011 as the new acting channel head of SABC2.

Bessie Tugwana is now back as the "real" channel head of SABC2, following the appointment of Veronah Duwarkah at the end of last week, and with immediate effect as the new permanent head of television at the SABC.