Monday, March 12, 2012

BREAKING. National Film and Video Foundation (NFVF) to 'investigate' the launch of a South African Film and Television Academy.

I'm not wasting my time by publishing lists of winners and thereby helping to legitimise what I fully consider to be a horrific, bogus awards ceremony: the disastrously controversial and begging for legitimacy South African Film and Television Awards of which the on-air broadcast Sunday night and the production Saturday was so amateurly bad and so sloppily edited that this TV-trash should be used by Afda students together with Nonhle Goes To Hollywood as prime examples of what not to do.

The only news out of the what-a-shame-to-show-this disaster was the outgoing chairperson of the Saftas, Eddie Mbalo popping up (one in an unending line of bureaucrats, inane government people; even crass tie-in sponsors holding garish fake macro cheques on stage. How classy.).

Eddie Mbalo told the audience who kept milling about despite the show being recorded for broadcast, that the long-awaited South African Film and Television Academy ''will be investigated to become the true custodians and run the Saftas in the future''. [Note the careful word-play: Nothing definite, just a promise to ''investigate''.]

''I would like to make a plea to all our broadcasters and to the industry at large to continue to support this endeavour,'' Eddie Mbalo said.

[The truth is that broadcasters' and the industry's true level of support of this ramshackle fakefest over the past few years have been tenuous at best and its the National Film and Video Foundation's own fault for refusing to adapt and change and do it better.]

The 2012 Saftas is Eddie Mbalo's last. He said that the South African Film and Television Academy will hopefully launch with a new chairperson.