Monday, March 19, 2012

BREAKING. Mark Thompson, the director-general of the BBC, leaving after the 2012 Olympic Games.

Rumoured for a few months to happen and probably tht worst kept secret in the British television biz, Mark Thompson, the longest serving director-general of the BBC told the British Broadcasting Corporation's personnel today in an open letter serving as a statement that he will resign and leave after the 2012 Olympic Games.

''This morning I told Lord Patten that I believe that an appropriate time for me to hand over to a successor and to step down as director-general of the BBC would be the autumn of this year, once the Olympics and the rest of the amazing summer of 2012 are over,'' Mark Thompson writes.

He became director-general of the BBC in 2004. ''I've always been on the side of change because I believe that, in the middle of a media revolution, change is the only way of safeguarding what is so precious about the BBC. But change always brings disruption and uncertainty in its wake – and I do want to say a particular thank you to everyone who has worked with me in the difficult task of transforming the BBC,'' he writes.

''Now more than ever, to audiences at home and abroad the BBC is the best broadcaster in the world. It's been a great privilege helping you to keep the BBC in that top spot over the past eight years.
I’m not off just yet though and I'm looking forward to working with you over the coming months, as we prepare for the amazing summer of 2012 – as well as for the long-term future, and continued success, of the BBC.''