Wednesday, October 19, 2011

BREAKING. SABC trade union Bemawu slams the malmanaged SABC over the SABC's shocking 'Justice Ndaba is an outsider' claim.

The SABC union Bemawu (the Broadcasting, Electronic Media and Allied Workers' Union) is slamming the SABC after the utterly shocking revelation by dr. Ben Ngubane, SABC chairperson to parliament yesterday that Justice Ndaba who the SABC fronted as its acting group head of human capital services have never been properly appointed and is actually only a private consultant.

''Yesterday the SABC board chairperson dr Ben Ngubane told parliament that Justice Ndaba is not an employee of the SABC but an outsider!,'' says Hannes du Buisson, Bemawu president.

''Who then is the Justice Ndaba who was introduced by the SABC and who introduced himself as the acting head of human capital services and acting head of strategy?

And which SABC board signed off the SABC's financial statements where on page 140 a Justice Ndaba has been listed as Senior Management, Acting Group Executive and he earned a salary of R450 000 for the fiscal?

Since when does outsiders travel on SABC expenses, introduce themselves on news conferences as the Acting Head of Human Capital Services and Strategy and appoint people and sign contracts on behalf of the SABC?

Which Justice Ndaba attended executive management training in London and was supposed to go to Singapore and Dubai? Which Justice Ndaba claimed S&T from the SABC's coffers? No outsider can claim S&T!

How much more Justices work for the SABC? And why do we now get the impression the real or the fake Justice is now being thrown away by the SABC board like an unwanted love child of a married man? By stating publicly Justice Ndaba is an outsider opens a completely new can of worms, in terms of corporate governance, oversight, wrong procedures, etc. Is it time for another auditor-general investigation? Maybe to determine who is who in the zoo?

Is this the real SABC? Maybe there is another SABC we don't know about, which is the real SABC. Maybe that SABC is managed by real people, a real SABC board and they really cares about public broadcasting and its employees, it's image and the citizens who are entitled to a neutral effective and efficient public service,'' says Bemawu.