Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Gary Marenzi quits MGM as president of worldwide television weeks before he was supposed to report to new appointment Roma Khanna.

Gary Marenzi, president of worldwide television at MGM (TopTV 113) has quit a few months after MGM's former co-president, Jim Packer, who left MGM in January.

Gary Marenzi was in charge of production and distribution for television and digital media for the past four years.

At MGM Gary Marenzi was instrumental in the launch of the new teen drama series Teen Wolf and the sale of the show to international broadcasters. Teen Wolf will start on 1 August in South Africa on Vuzu (DStv 123) and will also later be shown on MTV in South Africa and Africa.

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Gary Marenzi decided to quit MGM just weeks before the former NBCUniversal executive Roma Khanna is set to join MGM as the new president of MGM's television group and digital from next month, handling all worldwide television operations.

Gary Marenzi who was MGM's top TV executive, would have had to now report to Roma Khanna in the post-bankruptcy rebuilding of MGM's TV division. Gary Marenzi's duties will for now be handled by Chris Ottinger, the executive vice president of international television distribution.