Tuesday, June 21, 2011

BREAKING. The hot new drama Teen Wolf set to grow hairy palms for South African viewers from 1 August at 21:30 on Vuzu.

You're reading it here first.

I can exclusively break the news that the brand-new and hot werewolf drama Teen Wolf is coming to South African viewers from August and is set to start on Vuzu (DStv 123) on Monday 1 August at 21:30.

Vuzu just confirmed when I asked about Teen Wolf and admitted the show is set for August. MTV also exclusively confirmed to me earlier today (I asked at the beginning of the month already) that the hot lycanthropic TV show will definitely be shown in South Africa and Africa on MTV a bit later as well.

My spies at MTV Networks Africa that runs MTV (DStv 321) and MTV Base (DStv 322) told me earlier today that the great new series that just started in America will definitely be coming to South Africa soon, but just couldn't give me a starting date yet for MTV. Then I discovered that the hairraising Teen Wolf will actually be on Vuzu before it's even on MTV in South Africa itself (which owns the series).

Teen Wolf is based on the 1980s movie with Michael J. Fox but gets a whole new spin similar to the way Smallville was based on the teenage years of the Superman mythology. The high school outcast Scott McCall (Tyler Posey) gets bitten in the dark woods by a thing (a werewolf). Of course he soon starts to change: super hearing, super sight, super strength - and some unwanted body hair.  Then there's the little issue of the actual pack of werewolves who secretly live among us. And what happens if the school bully (spoiler alert!) turns out the be the werewolf actually supposed to instruct and help you?

If you like Smallville, Kyle XYBuffy The Vampire Slayer or The Vampire Diaries you'll like Teen Wolf.