Wednesday, May 25, 2011

GOODBYE OPRAH. ''Goodbye, Opie.'' Homer struggles to say Oprah as the talk show queen says goodbye - just like she is today in real life.

''Goodbye, Opie,'' said Homer from The Simpsons as he waves goodbye to Oprah Winfrey.

Years ago, in a TV special Oprah Behind the Scenes, Oprah Winfrey visited The Simpsons. The talk show host became animated when she stepped out of her limo as she pulled up in front of the Simpson's Springfield home. Homer who thought Oprah was only arriving the next day couldn't get Oprah's name right, calling her ''Ofra'' and ''Aura'' and begged her to cut out the bit where he opened the door in his underwear. Of course he strangled Bart on television.

Oprah talked with Marge about her very big hair and Lisa tried to get Oprah to adopt her. ''Goodbye everybody,'' said Oprah Winfrey, ''thanks a lot for letting me talk to you,'' as she was getting ready to leave - as she is now in real-life with The Oprah Winfrey Show ending today in America with its final episode after 25 years.

''Goodbye, Opie,'' said Homer.
''Okay Homer, my name is Op-rah,'' said Oprah.
''No. No. Oprah. Oprah.''
''Like opera but with a long 'o' ''.

Of course, although Oprah Winfrey never really appeared as herself in The Simpsons, well, Opal did. Opal... from The Opral Show. Opal has a boyfriend called Straightman. Whenever audience members ask about him, Opal suddenly does massive give-aways and festoons her audience with unbelievable prizes and gifts to divert their attention.

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