Saturday, April 23, 2011

A CLASS ACT. Why Class Act creator Donovan Marsh needs to be made the 3rd new and permanent Class Act judge immediately.

In showbiz the show must always go on, and despite the lackadaisical unprofessionalism of producer Mfundi Vundla who bailed as a Class Act judge, Class Act creator Donovan Marsh has stepped in (amazingly!) to show what being a class act is all about.

If Class Act producers Curious Pictures are clever, pro-active and responsive, they will immediately adapt and make Donovan Marsh the 3rd permanent judge for the second season from the Top 40 round onwards. Donovan Marsh was roped in at the very last minute as the replacement judge for the second season's first episode and did stellar work.

While viewers will still see alternating guest judges for the remainder of the nationwide audition episodes of Class Act (those episode have already been shot) - and whilst the producers already said this system of changing guest judges will continue for the remainder of the season - the much better decision from a very clear production value point of view would be to immediately switch back and use the insightful, clearly charming, hands-on and knowledgeable Donovan Marsh who's definitely (and surprisingly) a perfect fit, pops on television and makes a genuine connection with the Class Act contestants as well as viewers.

By adding a permanent 3rd judge (similar to the first season), Class Act (re)gains/retains its credibility. From the top 40 round from where the contestants will be whittled down to the top 10, contestants are kept or dumped based on their growth (or not) in their performances from week to week. It's difficult if not impossible to see how a guest judge coming in to Class Act for one episode can honestly judge contestants on their journey professionally and with perspective.

Adding Donovan Marsh who is clearly great on television will absolutely do justice. He's also the creator of the show; have also seen and been involved behind-the-scenes of the first season; and has now clearly - and incredibly convincingly - demonstrated that he knows his stuff and can seamlessly make the perfect 3rd Class Act permanent judge. Hopefully the Class Act producers are cognisant enough to realize that the Mfundi-mess has actually unknowingly delivered the show's next Class Act that was there all the time. It's a class act called Donovan Marsh.

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