Monday, January 31, 2011

Look at this slim, sexy fox! Did you know that MultiChoice also has a sleek and slim silver HD PVR decoder?

Sometimes you watch television, and sometimes you watch and just stare and lovingly dust off that with which you watch television - like this beautiful DStv HD PVR.

You might be aware of it, but I only discovered it on Friday. I was completely unaware that MultiChoice also have this HD PVR model and that the pay TV platform is selling this silver HD PVR made by UEC.

''It's not new,'' MultiChoice tells me about this spiffy model that goes from zero to over 80 channels in a second with the touch of a button. ''It's the UEC model of our 4 tuner HD PVR in silver. [It's] not a new decoder - it has the same features and functionality as the black Pace 4 tuner HD PVR,'' says MultiChoice.