Wednesday, December 22, 2010

BREAKING. M-Net City awaiting approval as M-Net's new premium TV channel for local shows.

You're reading it here first.

M-Net City is the current ''working title'' of the brand-new TV channel that M-Net plans to launch in 2011 if its approved, sources familiar with the matter tells me exclusively.

I first broke the news about M-Net City RIGHT HERE last month with more insiders now confirming that the pay TV channel has a desire to create M-Net City as a premium local TV channel in South Africa. ''If M-Net City - which is currently the working title of the new channel comes to be - the plan is for M-Net 101 [M-Net on DStv's channel 101] to become the premium TV channel for just the very best international series and movies,'' I'm told. ''The new local soap and Carte Blanche will stay, but M-Net will become the home of a selection of the besst premiering international television.''

''There's still a lot of challenges,'' another insider reveals to me.
''M-Net City is still awaiting approval first of all. Nothing is definite. Then it will also be a delicate matter to manage it all since Mzansi Magic is also a local go-to channel on DStv. There will have to be a careful balancing act between M-Net City and Mzansi Magic who won't want to be competition for each other but will in fact be direct competition for each other although Mzansi Magic is geared towards a black TV audience. And Mzansi Magic is performing wonderfully since it launched earlier this year.''

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