Thursday, November 25, 2010

Mzansi Magic delays commissioning new local content; says it needs more time to work through submissions.

You can see why the SABC has now started to see it as a threat, and Mzansi Magic (DStv 107) is forging ahead with big plans for commissioning local TV content in South Africa.

Now Mzansi Magic says its delaying commissioning content like that new black local soap opera I told you they're planning RIGHT HERE, since the channel needs more time to evaluate the submissions from producers that its received. Mzansi Magic says the channel has had an ''overwhelming response'' to its call for shows ranging from a reality show to the soap opera and other productions and that the channel needs more time.

''[We] need to select the best possible ideas for the audience, therefore additional time and resources have been allocated to evaluate the submissions,'' says Lebone Maema, Mzansi Magic's channel manager. ''To give each one a proper consideration means that we need to spend a bit more time than anticipated on the process.'' Mzansi Magic will now only annouce the shortlisted commissioned drama, comedy and reality shows  at the end of February 2011.