Thursday, April 29, 2010

BREAKING. TopTV's launch party tonight: from black and white to brilliant colour.

You're reading it here first.

Tonight On Digital Media (ODM) has its gala launch function and party of TopTV at the war memorial in Johannesburg that Al Gore will attend and I can exclusively reveal the theme and style of the massive event that more than 600 guests, including TV titans as well as local and international celebs, will attend.

Only I know that everything will start off in black and white monotone, and then - a brilliant explosion of colour (just like the TopTV logo) when TopTV heralds in a new era in pay television in South Africa. ''Everything will be blac and white monotone,'' a source tells me, ''before it will change into massive colour. Guests are going to be wowed. It's going to be spectacular. TopTV's launch party on Thursday evening will definitely rival the very best even and party around anything regarding television that South Africa has ever seen.''