Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Izak Davel on his red speedo: ''Everything stayed in place.''

You're reading it here first.

Celebrities usual fear over-exposure. Not Izak Davel. If there is one contestant on Survivor SA Santa Carolina (Wednesdays at 19:30 on M-Net) who's choice of skimpy swimwear is raising eyebrows, it's Izak Davel itsy bitsy teeny-weeny all red barely there speedo. He calls it a ''smart choice''.

I asked him why he chose to take that to the island to cover-up his man bits, whether he had any, uhm (cough-cough) ''wardrobe malfunctions'', whether he usually take to the water wearing that, where he got it, and of course . . .what his tribemates thought of his revealing show-and-tell.

Click on READ MORE below for ONE MORE pic of Izak in his red swimwear and his revealing answers.

When you were told to pack and had to bring a swimsuit, why did you go for the smallest thing you could possibly find?
The function of the speedo was to replace my normal underwear. Normal cotton briefs or boxers would take ages to dry, so this was a smarter choice I thought.

Did you get any comments from your fellow tribemates on your choice of cloth to cover your nether regions?
Not really, we didn't care what we looked like, we were too focussed on the game of Survivor!

What do you call that swimsuit and where did you get it? Was it the first time you wore it or already in you're closet?
I bought it from Bonewear in Pretoria two days before we left for Santa Carolina. I call it a speedo or just ''swembroek''.

Is this what you generally wear when you venture into water?
I usually go swimming with boardshorts. The chances of me wearing it in public are very, very slim - ha ha!

Any ''almost wardrobe malfunctions'' or did everything stay where it was supposed to be?
It did its job. Everything stayed in place 90% of the time. Every now and again I had to make a shift of position.

Anything else you want to share about this particular clothing choice.
The only reason that I actually exposed the speedo was because it was 40 degrees in the shade and your body just needs to breathe!