Friday, October 16, 2020

Jeff Wachtel abruptly gone as NBCUniversal International Studios president after alleged workplace behaviour problems.

by Thinus Ferreira

Jeff Wachtel is abruptly gone as president of NBCUniversal International Studios, after nearly 2 decades with the company, following apparent workplace behaviour problems.

Jeff Wachtel was moved to London in the United Kingdom to head up NBCUniversal's international studios division in 2018 but he's now gone following apparent workplace issues.

Deadline reports that there have been internal complaints about Jeff Wachtel’s management style and issues regarding respect within the workplace environment, after which Jeff Wachtel is now out of his position and has exited NBCUniversal International Studios.

Before Jeff Wachtel moved to London to up NBCUniversal's international production division from there he was chief content officer, NBCUniversal Cable Entertainment and President, Universal Cable Productions & Wilshire Studios.