Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Coronavirus: SABC News reporter Ulrich Hendriks in the Northern Cape has recovered from Covid-19.

by Thinus Ferreira

The SABC News reporter Ulrich Hendriks has recovered from the Covid-19 virus.

Ulrich Hendriks was the first staffer at the South African public broadcaster who exhibited symptoms of Covid-19 and tested positive for the virus which has caused the global novel coronavirus pandemic and which is also spreading through the country.

Ulrich Hendriks, based in Kimberley, has tested positive for the Covid-19 after which the SABC shuttered its office in the Northern Cape province with the rest of the SABC staffers who had to work from home.

Ulrich Hendriks tested positive after he visited Upington on 10 and 11 March and came into contact with a German citizen who had the virus.

Ulrich Hendriks who was in self-isolation was informed on Wednesday that he's clear of Covid-19.