Thursday, December 5, 2019

StarSat adds Love Nature and the Smithsonian Channel as documentary channels from 10 December.

by Thinus Ferreira

StarSat is adding two new documentary channels Love Nature and the Smithsonian Channel from 10 December.

Love Nature (StarSat 224) and the Smithsonian Channel (StarSat 226) will replace National Geographic and Nat Geo WILD which went dark in late-September after Disney - fed-up with ongoing commercial issues at the StarTimes pay-TV operator - abruptly pulled all of its FOX-supplied channels from StarSat after negotiations failed.

This caused the newly changed ESPN and ESPN2 that used to be Fox Sports and Fox Sports 2 to never materialise on StarSat.

Similarly, the entire group of FOX Networks Group’s supplied channels including FOX, FOX Life, FOX Portuguese, National Geographic, Nat Geo WILD, National Geographic Portuguese, Baby TV, Voyage, National Geographic French, and Nat Geo WILD French disappeared from StarSat.

The Smithsonian Channel is an American pay-TV channel, run as a joint venture between ViacomCBS's Domestic Media Networks division and the Smithsonian Institution, with different channel brand feeds run in various countries like Canada, the United Kingdom, Singapore, Indonesia and Latin America.

The Smithsonian Channel broadcasts original non-fiction programming that covers a wide range of historical, scientific and cultural subjects with several series as well as once-off TV specials.

Love Nature is a Canadian pay-TV channel owned by Blue Ant Media which also happens to own and operate the Canadian version of the Smithsonian Channel.

Love Nature, available in the United Kingdom, as well as in parts of Europe and Asia, broadcasts documentaries and television series related to wildlife and nature. Love Nature launched in March 2006 originally as Oasis and rebranded in 2015.