Tuesday, August 13, 2019

The South African public broadcaster starts a lactation station for breastfeeding mom staffers.

The South African public broadcaster is starting a lactation station at its Auckland Park headquarters in Johannesburg for breastfeeding mom staffers who return from maternity leave.

The SABC will roll out the initiative to the broadcaster's other buildings in other provinces as well.

The SABC will create spaces where nursing mothers to express breast milk privately when they return from maternity leave.

Mothers in the workplace complained that it's not hygienic to pump alongside the general public and in bathrooms.

Nomusa Kweyama, the SABC's national health and wellness manager, says "We thought this year let us focus on what moms require when they return from maternity leave and we thought this would be an appropriate time to actually make sure that we provide private space for our moms at SABC and to make sure that they continue to be at work".

"As a result we know that when we do this to our mothers at SABC we also are assisting the employer which is our company to ensure that we have a productive workforce all the time."