Tuesday, August 13, 2019

MultiChoice Zimbabwe sheds jobs and starts voluntary retrenchment as DStv subscribers continue to plunge to 2010-levels amidst worsening economy as MultiChoice cuts 'costs to the bone'.

The embattled MultiChoice Zimbabwe is shedding jobs and has started a voluntary retrenchment process as DStv subscribers in the Southern African country continue to plunge amidst ongoing worsening economic conditions.

With the DStv subscriber numbers now at 2010-levels in Zimbabwe, MultiChoice Zimbabwe is getting rid of staffers and has started process of voluntary retrenchments as the customer base shrink as people struggle to pay for DStv and GOtv because they don't have the money, and struggle to pay because of limited payment options and currency problems in the country.

MultiChoice Zimbabwe is a franchise owned by Skynet (Pvt) Ltd. MultiChoice Zimbabwe calls the job losses and downsizing of its staff complement in the country "inevitable".

"Due to the current economic challenges facing Zimbabwe, Skynet has undertaken a comprehensive business evaluation in order to remain sustainable," says Elizabeth Dziva, MultiChoice Zimbabwe's spokesperson.

"The difficult decision to reduce its operating costs will include the offer of voluntary employee retrenchments".

MultiChoice Zimbabwe told staffers that "We have tried to manage and reduce our costs to the bone. We stopped all contract employees, reduced working hours, strict usage of company vehicles among other measures".

"However, our subscriber numbers have reduced to the numbers we were back in 2010. The decline subsists with an adverse trend beyond our control and it appears we are delaying the inevitable."

"MultiChoice mainly depends on subscriber revenue and in turn Ally Property Investments (Pvt) Limited depends on rentals from tenants who are not spared by the economic challenges and Skynet (Pvt) Limited is their major client," said the company.