Sunday, April 21, 2019

SABC3 on-air broadcast blackout on Easter Sunday afternoon goes unexplained by the public broadcaster.

The South African public broadcaster's SABC3 channel suffered an unexplained on-air blackout on Easter Sunday.

The abrupt on-air outage that lasted for about 15 minutes on Sunday afternoon, interrupted a rebroadcast of the magazine show, Top Billing, produced by Tswelopele Productions.

There's been no explanation or apology from the SABC, and nothing from SABC3 on the channel's communication on social media.

Viewers complained and wondered what was going on, but got no response from the SABC or SABC3.

"SABC3, is it only my TV or you're down?" asked Stephen Lekoba on Twitter.

"SABC3 currently dead air. Black screen. Should SABC remain open for business or shut its doors?" asked Neil Stoffberg. "They are insolvent."

"This SABC3 broadcast blackout couldn't have come at a really bad time," said Tinock. "More than 10 minutes of Top Billing that I've missed out on. I'm so frustrated".

On SABC3's Facebook page Ne Lokuwe asked, "SABC what's wrong??" but got no response or reply.

Neither did anybody else.

"What's going on?" asked Olwethu Yamba. "Was watching Top Billing and y'all just went blank."

"What's going on?" asked Megan Adderly. "Blue screen ..."

"The next minute there's Top Billing, the next minute there's no Top Billing. Nxa!!!" said Joules Winnfield.