Sunday, March 10, 2019

SABC2 doing yet another rebroadcast of its 2010-comedy, Radical Rasdien - The Joey Rasdien Show, but this time only 6 episodes.

SABC2 is deep into the SABC archives again and will rebroadcast Radical Rasdien - The Joey Rasdien Show from Monday, 11 March at 19:00.

The 13-episode comedy series, created, co-written, co-produced and starring the South African comedian Joey Rasdien in the role of Ben Rasdien was first broadcast on SABC2 8 years ago in November 2010.

In November 2017 SABC2 also did a rebroadcast of Radical Rasdien - The Joey Rasdien Show.

Now SABC2 is doing yet another rebroadcast just over two years later, but is only showing 6 episodes. SABC2 didn't explain why the other 7 episodes of the comedy series won't be shown.

In Radical Rasdien  -The Joey Rasdien Show, Ben Rasdien has a manager, Mannie, who is also his brother, played by Mortimer Williams, with Kim Cloete as his wife Alice.

Together with son Zach, the show follows Ben Rasdien's daily antics as he walks back and forth on his tightrope balancing his work life and parenthood. The rest of the cast includes Amor Tredoux, Rantebeng Makapan and Samson Khumalo.