Tuesday, March 5, 2019

MultiChoice Zambia hikes DStv subscription fees by up to 10% from 1 April 2019 due to inflation and rising programming costs.

MultiChoice Zambia will hike DStv subscriptions by 10% in Zambia from 1 April 2019 due to inflation and rising programming and operational costs.

In an SMS message to DStv subscribers, MultiChoice Zambia told customers to: "Please note the price adjustment effective 1st April 2019. DStv Access K115, DStv Family K210, DStv Compact K330, DStv Compact Plus K490, DStv Premium K850, DStv Access Fee K110".

The last time MultiChoice Zambia adjusted DStv subscription fees was in September 2017 when monthly fees were lowered.

In a statement, MultiChoice Zambia says that in the past 3 years it has made an effort to freeze or decrease DStv subscription fees, barring factors such as the devaluation of Zambia's currency or other macro-economic headwinds.

"Unfortunately, because of inflation which stands at 8.10% in Zambia and the rising programming and operational costs, we've had to review our pricing for us to remain sustainable as a business and continue bringing our valued customers the quality video entertainment content they love – anytime, anywhere."

"We appreciate your continued support and for sharing your quality-time with us as we entertained you this past year," says MultiChoice Zambia.