Monday, January 7, 2019

TV NEWS ROUND-UP. Today's interesting TV stories to read from TVwithThinus - 7 January 2019.

Here's the latest news about TV that I read and that you should read too:

■ Watching too much hurricane TV news causes more stress and mental problems for people.

■ Nigeria continues to damage what's left of its perception of a so-called free-market economy as the West African nation's draconian Consumer Protection Council (CPC) says why it has banned MultiChoice Nigeria from increasing DStv subscription fees in the country.
The clueless Babatunde Irukera as CPC director-general talks about "consumer protection issues in the cable television industry" - which Nigeria doesn't even have.

■ Do better next year! Why alarmingly bad TV swept the Golden Globes.

■ Vanity Fair on the 2019 Golden Globes and what viewers didn't see on TV.
Like a famished Patricia Arquette who feeds when she takes sandwiches and runs. 

■ BBC TV licence scammers caught out by dodgy spelling.

■ Samsung unveils its new massive "Wall" flat-screen TV set.

■ A lack of funding means little progress for Zimbabwe's switch from analogue to digital terrestrial television (DTT) which like South Africa is far behind schedule.

■ Broadcasters should be more disciplined on what TV shows they sell to Netflix.

■ Apple to start offering iTunes movies and shows on Samsung TV sets.