Saturday, December 22, 2018

Nigeria's TStv now promises a yet another new subscription model - pay-as-you-go with 'an hourly rate' - as the faltering pay-TV upstart announces a partnership with Azerbaijan's satellite operator, Azercosmos.

The faltering TStv wannabe Nigerian pay-TV operator that has kept lying to consumers and distrobutors on Friday held a press conference in Abuja, Nigeria, to announce that it is once again "re-strategising" to stealmarket share from MultiChoice's DStv, China's Startimes and other pay-TV players in the West African nation.

So far TStv has remained silent about how it lied about its initial TV channels line-up that was bogus, has remained silent about how it illegally pirated TV channels without authorisation and deliberately stole content, has remained silent about lying to distributors and would-be agents about its decoders that never arrived and kept changing, while TStv hasn't said a word about the numerous false promises  and false starts.

TStv suffered massive brand and reputational damage from bad management and multiple lies and fraudulent public statements by Bright Echefu, TStv CEO.

On Friday Benjamin Sida, TStv chief operating officer (COO), at a pre-Christmas press conference, once again promised yet another new TStv subscription model change, now saying that TStv's soon-to-be-introduced subscription model will be a pay-as-you-go system, allowing TStv subscribers to watch "all available channels" but charging "an hourly rate".

TStv will run a single TStv channels bouquet with around 70 TV channels, and all these TV channels will be made available to subscribers at an "hourly rate".

Benjamin Sida also name-dropped a new company - Azercosmos, that TStv is now in partnership with.

"Azercosmos is an open joint stock company and a satellite operator based in Azerbaijan, and the first satellite operator in Caucasus region. We have entered into partnership to improve our content offering. We are also in various advanced talks with other international content providers to acquire more premium content and channels," said Benjamin Sida.

Benjamin Sida said that TStv "has not abandoned" Nigerians, and that TStv has "In our bid to serve our customers better, recruited seasoned,  experienced talents and, veterans who have occupied similar roles and capacities in the pay tv industry to manage TStv".