Tuesday, October 30, 2018

African boxing matches on FOX Sports Africa to be live streamed globally through Facebook in new FOX Networks Group Africa deal.

African and South African boxing matches broadcast on FOX Sports in Africa will now be live streamed globally through Facebook in a new partnership FOX Networks Group Africa deal with the online social network.

FOX Sports Africa will get to grow its Africa boxing fan base through streaming boxing matches through Facebook Watch, while Facebook gets content.

The FOX Sports Africa boxing stream will be available through FOX Sports Africa's Facebook page.

Upcoming boxing matches that will be live streamed through Facebook Watch include FOX Sports boxing events at the Royal Swazi Spa in eSwatini, and at the Sibaya Casino & Entertainment Kingdom in Durban on 2 and 23 November.

FOX Sports Africa an Facebook already streamed a boxing match from the 9th edition of Africa Boxing that was held on 21 September at the Meropa Casino and Entertainment World in Limpopo, South Africa to almost 200 000 viewers.

FOX Networks Group Africa says "the Africa Boxing series is quickly becoming the leading platform for African boxers to display their talents to a worldwide audience and the live streams will give spectators a front row seat to the action".

"Unlike a traditional television experience, viewers are able leave their comments in real-time, enhancing the total viewing experience. After all events are streamed, the fights will be available on the FOX Sports Africa Facebook page."