Thursday, August 2, 2018

Russian documentary crew shot and killed in Central African Republic.

Three Russians filming a documentary in the Central African Republic (CAR) - the Russian documentary filmmaker Alexander Rastorguyev (47), cameraman Kirill Radchenko (33) and Russian military correspondent Orkhan Dzhemal (51) - were killed late Monday.

Their driver who survived told Reuters that they were ambushed and killed by armed men outside 23 km outside the town of Sibut. The three men were found dead 300 km from the CAR's capital of Bangui and had their identity documents with them bearing their names.

The documentary crew was busy doing a documentary about the ties between the Kremlin and a private security company, in particular the Wagner group, an organisation of private military contractors.

According to The New York Times there's no indication that the killings are related to the making of the documentary.