Tuesday, July 31, 2018

'You guys want to get Rufus back or what?' Drama series Timeless seen on M-Net 'uncancelled' for a second time as time-travelling science fiction series will get a proper 2-hour send-off finale before the end of 2018.

The time-traveling science fiction drama series, Timeless seen on M-Net (DStv 101), has been "uncancelled" for a second time, with the production company and the NBC network announcing that the science fiction drama series will return after its cliffhanger second season series finale with a 2-hour made-for-TV movie to wrap up the story.

A date isn't known for the new 2-hour finale but it will be broadcast sometime before the end of 2018.

It will most likely also be shown on M-Net that broadcast the first (and only) two seasons of Wyatt (Matt Lanter), Lucy Preston (Abigail Spencer) and Rufus (Malcolm Barrett) as three current day time-travelers using a Lifeboat to visit pivotal moments during history to prevent the nefarious Rittenhouse organisation's plans to change the past.

The second season of Timeless, produced by Sony Pictures Television, Davis Entertainment, MiddKid Productions and Kripke Enterprises, with executive producers Shawn Ryan and Eric Kripke, ended on a cliffhanger with Rufus dead.

A rougher, battle-scarred future version of Wyatt and Lucy showed up, ready to go back to the past to save Rufus from dying, saying "You guys want to get Rufus back or what?"

NBC cancelled Timeless after its first season, only to bring it back for a second season, and to then cancel it again.

The producers immediately started looking for a possible TV channel to take over the series, and when that failed, although chances looked slim since the actors' deals have expired, for a possible wrap-up made-for-TV movie, that managed to work out.

It comes after Shawn Ryan in June warned that Timeless might be gone forever since "there are considerable economic obstacles that make it an uncertainty" in terms of a wrap-up finale.

Fans rallied, hiring a helicopter with the banner "#SaveTimeless" that flew over the 2018 Comic-Con held in San Diego recently.

"We’re excited to tell one final chapter to this incredible story," says Lisa Katz, co-president, scripted programming for NBC Entertainment in a statement.

"A huge thank you to all - our cast, crew, producers and partners at Sony - who have worked so very hard, and to the fans who kept us on our toes and made sure we did our very best week after week."

Shawn Ryan and Eric Kripke in the statement say "wile we wish we could've made another dozen seasons of Timeless, this is the next best thing".

The producers say fans can "expect the Timeless they know and love. A focus on the unsung and underrepresented people of history. And most importantly, one final emotional story for the Time Team."

"We're thrilled to take the Lifeboat out for one last spin and bring closure to our story. The studio, network, cast and crew are all doing this for one reason only: the fans. Because they deserve it. Because the fans made this happen and we thank them for their passion, support and helicopters. So? You guys want to get Rufus back or what?"

On Twitter Eric Kripke said "I know you wanted more Timeless. But this 2-hour finale will let us end the story right and save Rufus. Every convo I had with Sony and NBC was about the fans. Giving them the ending they deserve. Cause they spoke so loudly."

Abigail Spencer, Matt Lanter, Malcolm Barrett, Goran Višnjić, Paterson Joseph, Sakina Jaffrey and Claudia Doumit will all return for the wrap-up finale.