Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Christiane Amanpour's weekday Amanpour current affairs show on CNN International to change to Amanpour & Company from 10 September, will switch to hour format.

Amanpour, the weekday current affairs show on CNN International (DStv 401) anchored by the global TV news channel's chief international anchor, will rebrand to Amanpour & Company from 10 September when the show also change its format and get extended to an hour while it adds 4 journalists as co-contributors.

This is happening since Christiane Amanpour's show will be simulcast on the PBS channel in the United States, with PBS that needs to fill an hour.

Since Amanpour & Company will run on CNN International and PBS simultaneously where it has to fill an hour timeslot, it necessitated a change in Amanpour that is adding journalists Walter Isaacson, Michel Martin, Alicia Menendez and Hari Sreenivasan as co-contributors to fill the bigger time requirement.

CNN through its PR agency for Turner Broadcasting in Africa, Burson-Marsteller, was asked for more information regarding the timeslot and the duration, as well as the date, that responded that CNN has not confirmed anything but will do so in the next few weeks.

Amanpour & Company like Amanpour will be done between London and New York and will continue to "will feature wide-ranging, in-depth conversations with global thought leaders and cultural influencers on the issues and trends impacting the world each day, from politics, business and technology to arts, science and sports".

The show, although continuing to speak to a global audience, will however add a more American slant to cater to the United States viewership.

The longer duration of Amanpour & Company also raises questions about whether the show, currently at 20:00 on CNN International, Africa time, will remain there and if it does, what will be happening to CNN Talk at 20:30 that replaced State of America with Kate Bolduan that has quietly been removed from the CNN International schedule.