Tuesday, July 3, 2018

BREAKING. TV coverage of testimonies in the Verulam rape case cut off for all broadcasters after trashy Afro Worldview shockingly goes against magistrate's specific orders and broadcast court proceedings live on DStv and YouTube.

The Afro Worldview (DStv 405) TV channel owned by Mzwanele Manyi on Tuesday caused all South African TV viewers to lose broadcast coverage of the Verulam rape court case after the dubious and trashy channel ignored the magistrate's warning and went ahead to broadcast sensitive court proceedings live on DStv and on YouTube.

In the shocking court case, a 43-year old man stands accused of alleged horrific sex crimes on his 10-year old stepdaughter for the past 5 years.

Because of Afro Worldview's trash broadcast conduct on Tuesday, no further testimonies will be broadcast on television since TV cameras were ordered to be turned off by the magistrate following Afro Worldview's serious transgression.

In June magistrate Irfaan Khalil allowed eNCA (DStv 403) and Afro Worldview, previously known as ANN7, to broadcast the proceedings from the Verulam Family Court, but with certain strict very conditions, including barring any broadcasters from showing or identifying the accused or broadcasting any information regarding the identity of the victim.

When the bail application of the accused continued on Tuesday, warrant officer Nevarge Lutchminarain was halfway through his testimony when magistrate Irfaan Khalil stopped the proceedings and wanted to know why the court case is being broadcast live on Afro Worldview on MultiChoice's DStv and streamed on Afro Worldview on YouTube, saying he has just been given notice that the case is being broadcast live.

Magistrate Irfaan Khalil then revoked all broadcast permission, meaning that the inept Afro Worldview caused TV viewers to lose broadcast access to the court case.

Earlier the eNCA reporter in Durban, Dasen Thathiah told magistrate Irfaan Khalil that eNCA is recording the court case footage and editing it later to ensure that nobody is identified.

Magistrate Irfaan Khalil said "This is a sensitive case in which the identities and rights of the alleged victim, the accused and their legal representatives must be protected."

Magistrate Irfaan Khalil called on the Afro Worldview reporter in court and wanted to know from her why Afro Worldview is broadcasting the court proceedings live after he expressly told TV channels to be careful not to identify people.

TV channels will now only be allowed to broadcast arguments from legal representatives and no longer from anybody testifying in the case due to Afro Worldview's serious transgression.