Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Openview dumps the True African channel after just a year as the free-to-air satellite service has also dropped the 'HD' from its name and changed its brand logo.

Openview has decided to dump the True African channel that was carried on channel 108 on the service after just a year, with Openview that has also dropped the "HD" from its name and changed its logo - although it's weirdly now using both.

The True African channel launched on Platco Digital's OpenView HD (OVHD) free-to-air satellite platform on 1 April that is part of eMedia Investments, and was removed on Tuesday 8 May.

True African is the latest in a series of TV channels Openview decided to dump the past few months.

True African was the changed eNolly+ channel that e.tv revamped and replaced last year.

e.tv said that True African would be "a snapshot of contemporary Africa, showcasing handpicked premium entertainment and lifestyle content from across the entire continent" and be "innovative in telling the stories of the people and nations of Africa".

There's been no statement from e.tv regarding the removal of True African but on Openview's Facebook page the service said True African has been discontinued "due to the realignment of the platform's channel strategy".

Openview HD says "viewers must stay tuned to Openview, Openview's social media and online channels for further exciting developments on the platform".

Interestingly it also seems as if OpenView HD has undergone a name and branding change to just Openview - dropping the "HD", getting rid of the upper "V", and changing the logo to white and red.

Openview and e.tv haven't communicated the change to the press (yet) and it's not clear when and why the logo changed and the "HD" got dropped.

Across the Openview website, both logos - the new white on red halfsun and the old blue and red brand image - are being used.

e.tv and Openview haven't yet issued the media with a name change advisory or the new brand image as part of the brand identity guidelines for press.