Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Ian Somerhalder to play a vampire as Netflix commissions new drama series, V-Wars, for a 10-episode first season.

Ian Somerhalder has snagged a role in a vampire TV series - nope, not a Vampire Diaries reboot but in V-Wars, a new series commissioned for a first season of 10 episodes by Netflix looking for its own vampire series like The Walking Dead.

Ian Somerhalder, known for his role as a vampire in the long-running Vampire Diairies, will play Dr Luther Swann in V-Wars, based on the novel of the same name by Jonathan Maberry.

As a mysterious disease breaks out that transforms his best friend, Michael Fayne, into a terrifying vampire feeding on humans, Luther tries to find a cure.

As the dreaded disease starts to spread like in The Walking Dead and The Strain and more people are being transformed, what is left of human civilization is broken down into pockets of resistance, fighting against the undead in the what is known as "the first Vampire War".

Brad Turner who worked on Stargate and Stargate: Atlantis will be the director and an executive producer along with Eric Birnberg and Thomas Walden. High Park Entertainment will produce V-Wars along with IDW Entertainment

"We could not have dreamed of a better choice than Ian Somerhalder to bring his keen understanding of this genre from his years of starring in The Vampire Diaries to lead the cast of V-Wars as Dr. Luther Swann and to be a creative force on this series, as well as to serve as a director this season. We are thrilled to partner with Netflix to bring the multifaceted world that Jonathan Maberry created to audiences worldwide, says David Ozer, IDW Entertainment president in a statement.