Wednesday, April 11, 2018

BREAKING. SABC3 sets next Survivor season, Survivor Cambodia, to start on 7 May - 4 days after the debut of M-Net's Survivor SA: Philippines on 3 May, as viewers again will have to watch two seasons of the show at once.

SABC3 has just set the starting date of the next season of the American reality series, Survivor, to start on Monday 7 May at 19:30 - just 4 days after the start of Survivor South Africa: Philippines on M-Net (DStv 101) on Thursday 3 May at 19:00.

Fingers crossed that Survivor Cambodia: Second Chance will actually start on 7 May on SABC3, since the channel has had problems, payment issues, delays and postponements, tapes not arriving in time, as well as technical playout issues with basically every season of Survivor the past three years.

With Survivor Cambodia penciled in on SABC3's preliminary May schedule, spare a thought for TV critics (like Tashi Tagg over at TVSA who does this utterly amazing, soul-deadening work with reviews, write-ups and sharing episode insights for every single Survivor season) and viewers who will have to try and follow two Survivors at the same time.

Survivor Cambodia is the 31st season of Survivor and has 20 contestants - all people who have been on the show before - hence the "second chance" subtitle. It was filmed at Koh Rong in Cambodia with host Jeff Probst and was broadcast in America in late-2015.

Filming of M-Net's latest season of Survivor SA by production company Afrokaans, Survivor SA: Philippines, took place earlier this year on islands in the Philippines with host Nico Panagio and will have more episodes and surprises than before - as well as something incredibly unbelievable.

(Psst! TVwithThinus did a visit there and has lot of coverage, interviews and photos coming your way once the season starts on 3 May.)