Tuesday, January 9, 2018

VIA adds a new weekly, Afrikaans agriculture magazine programme, Landbouweekliks, to its schedule with presenter Ivor Price.

VIA has added a new weekly agricultural Afrikaans magazine programme, Landbouweekliks, starting on Tursday 9 January at 19:30 with presenter Ivor Price.

Like Megaboere on kykNET, Landbouweekliks (Agriculture weekly) will interview and profile Afrikaans South African farmers, looking at their vision and life journeys.

Experts will also share advice and information, and the magazine Landbouweekblad's editorial staffers will also make appearances.

Ivor Price will visit several farmers - from winter to summer grain, animal to fruit and wine farmers and those operating successful empowerment projects.

Landbouweekliks has two seasons of 26 episodes of half an hour each and is produced by Brand Republic.

“VIA's lifestyle content provides the ideal platform for a modern agriculture programme placing an emphasis in South Africans farming forward," says Izelle Venter, VIA channel head.

"The programme won't just touch the agricultural community, but also ordinary consumers who are eager to gain a deeper understanding of where their food comes from".

Chris Burgess, Landbouweekblad editor-in-chief, says Landbouweekliks will profile "exceptional people with a unique perspective on life that will surprise ordinary viewers. Experience farmers in a way you haven't seen before".