Sunday, January 21, 2018

New Turkish telenovela, You Are Mine, starting on FOX Life on 1 February at 6:25pm.

A new Turkish telenovela, You Are Mine, dubbed into English, is starting on FOX Life FOX Life (DStv 126 / StarSat 133 / Cell C black 202) on Thursday 1 February at 18:25 for 35 hour long episodes.

You Are Mine (Sen Benimsin), produced by Pastel Film in 2015, will run from Mondays to Fridays and in Mexico had the funny title in Spanish of "Nest of Vipers".

Edjer (Gökhan Keser) is the youngest son of the wealthy Yenilmez family in Bursa who doesn't care about money and goes to Istanbul.

Of course the handsome man meets the beautiful girl Nağme (Rüveyda Öksüz) who is a concert pianist because of an accident. They want to get married but their families don't approve - so they elope.

Edjer takes Nağme back to his family’s impressive mansion but this is not a happy home. His family does everything they can to split them up. 

Love prevails, at least for a while - until life-changing secrets and major revelations are about to put their relationship to the ultimate test.