Monday, November 6, 2017

DAILY TV NEWS ROUND-UP. Today's interesting TV stories to read from TVwithThinus - 6 November 2017

Here's the latest news about TV that I read and that you should read too:

■ Zimbabwe dictatorship throws American TV producer in jail for tweeting.
Martha O'Donovan arrested in Harare as the Zim-trash cracks down on what little's left of free speech.

■ BBC accused of using news to advertise TV shows.
BBC does "blatant advertising" during news programming for shows like Blue Planet II and Doctor Who.

■ Why new drama series The Good Doctor on M-Net (DStv 101) is such a hit.
The age of the anti-hero is over and any show where a character sees the world from a new perspective has a better chance of being something viewers want to watch.

■ BBC boss warns British TV and the British public broadcaster severely threatened by streaming services.
Future of  British-made TV programming under dire threat due to rise of Netflix, Apple and Amazon.
Keep in mind if this is what the BBC says, what it spells for the imperiled SABC.

■ Shock and outrage as trashy Dutch TV does Rape Or Not? show.
Trash-Dutch television enacts rape cases and then asks if the woman is a sex assault victim.

■ Really? Who still steals TV sets?
The Randfontein Herald reports about August and Earnest getting 3 years behind bars after they stole a plasma.

■ Botswana's switch to digital terrestrial TV (DTT a shocking failure.
Botswana is mired in the same massive mess in its switch from analogue to digital terrestrial television (DTT) as South Africa. Meanwhile viewership of the state broadcaster Botswana Television keeps falling as viewers switch to MultiChoice's DStv and Econet Media's Kwes√© TV.

■ The Seychelles finally switching on DTT.
The Seychelles Broadcasting Corporation (SBC) finally rolling out digital terrestrial TV from December.

■ Besides banning TV shows, Kenya is also banning the import of TV decoders.
From January 2018 MultiChoice for its GOtv and DStv decoders, StarTimes, ZUKU and Bamba won't be able to import decoders to the East African country if they don't adhere to new specifications.

■ Ghana TV fights over Kemini Amanor.
Kemini is leaving GH One TV for rival TV3. But GH One TV isn't planning on letting the Kemini go.