Thursday, August 17, 2017

The American politics round-table show, The McLaughin Group, returns with a pilot episode with Tim Rogan as moderator, exactly a year after John McLaughlin's death.

Exactly a a year after the death of John McLaughin who held sway as the originator and moderator of The McLaughlin Group, the American round-table political talk show came back with a brand-new pilot episode.

The new McLaughlin Group episode - entitled a "pilot" and suggesting that the show might come back permanently - has Tim Rogan, a former panelist, now as the moderator in the middle chair.

Also back are longtime commentators Eleanor Clift, Clarence Page and Pat Buchanan. Sitting in as the fourth panelist is Evan McMullin, a former CIA officer who ran for American president last year.

The McLaughlin Group pilot kept the same set, blue seats, coffee table and studio backdrop, even the opener and format of the longrunning show.

The half hour episode that can be watched on YouTube was recorded before the shocking events in Charlottesville, Virginia in America, which is why the group isn't discussing it or Donald Trump's shocking press conference about it.