Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Game of Thrones finally reveals that the bastard 'King of the North' Jon Snow is actually a Targaryen and the legitimate, real remaining heir to the Iron Throne.

Who in Game of Thrones should rightly be sitting on the Iron Throne?

Well, if you've said or guessed Jon Snow you'd be correct since the latest episode "Eastwatch" broadcast on Monday night in South Africa on M-Net (DStv 101) quietly snuck in two big bombshell revelations proving the Snow man's legitimate claim to that throne that cuts you.

Will Jon Snow ride a dragon? Halfway through the penultimate episode, viewers saw a dragon allowing himself to be petted by Jon Snow and only real Targaryens are able to ride dragons as part of a long-lost art.

He's the only other character besides Daenerys in the show's seven seasons to touch a dragon and to be smelled and to remain alive.

Secondly, the seemingly throwaway comments Gilly makes when she tells Samwell some of the facts that she read in the Citadel at their candlelit table is hugely revealing.

When she asks Samwell what "annulment" means, she explains that she is asking because a Septon issued an annulment to a certain Prince Rhaegar and then married him to someone else at the same time in secret in Dorne.

The very obvious assumption is that Rhaegar got married to Jon Snow's mother Lyanna Stark after the annulment of his marriage with Elia, which means she didn't give birth to Jon Snow out of wedlock and that Rhaegar is Jon Snow's legitimate father.

As a Targaryen and as the legitimate remaining heir and not a bastard son, Jon Snow is the real heir to the Irone Throne in Game of Thrones.