Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Dosto Noge is the presenter of the new financial literacy series, Ke Zaka, on Monday mornings on SABC2.

The former SABC presenter Dosto Noge who moved to Mzansi Magic but was fired is back on the public broadcaster as the face of the new financial literacy show, Ke Zaka on Mondays at 10:30 on SABC2.

Ke Zaka looks at the financial struggles of people who educated themselves to turn their financial situations around.

Ke Zaka profiles people across South Africa with every episodes that shows viewers two groups - stokvels and burial societies.

The groups are introduced through individual members and through them viewers find out about their background and the challenges faced by the group.

"Ke Zaka addresses the sensitive issue of cconomic transformation, the money black people spend on funeral covers and burial societies and yet not producing coffins; the groceries bought at the end of the year by societies and yet we don`t have a sizeable shareholding in retail," says Dosto Noge.

Ke Zaka gives advice on stokvels, societies and any other money collecting schemes and investments, bonds and shares.

The aim of Ke Zaka is to demystefy the economy and shows how ordinary people can improve their lives through improving their financial literacy, and to help prevent people from falling victim of things like pyramid schemes.