Monday, July 3, 2017

SABC3 adds a new two-nightly show, What the F*ck Tumi, with Tumi Morake from Urban Brew Studios that the show says stands for 'Why the Fuss'.

The SABC is adding a new two-nightly show, What the Fuck Tumi, abbreviated as a hashtag moniker #WTFTumi from Wednesday 5 July at 21:30, that the show says stands for "Why the Fuss?"

"Why the Fuss?" is however not the words that will be conjured up by the SABC's viewing audience on SABC3 or people reading scanning over SABC3's schedule listings in newspapers when they see #WTFTumi.

With its dubious title, the South African public broadcaster's offensively titled Urban Brew Studios show will be broadcast every Wednesday and Thursday at 21:30.

According to Wiktionary and other sources, the primary meaning of "WTF" is "What the Fuck" but the show says its name "will see a play on the acronym 'WTF'. The 'WTF' acronym will lend itself to mean something different in each episode, from ‘Why The Fuss’ to ‘Where’s The Friday’".

#WTFTumi produced by Urban Brew Studios is one of the latest new production spenders from the cash-strapped South African public broadcaster and will "look at what has recently got South Africans talking".

#WTFTumi joins a crowded SABC3 programming line-up that already includes shows like Real Talk with Anele by Anele Mdoda, as well as Trending - both also "looking at what has recently got South Africans talking".

It's not clear why SABC3 wants yet another talk show about trending topics courting a social media audience instead of viewership.

#WTFTumi will see Tumi Morake talk with guests "about the lighter side of their lives with a bit of 'snooping' and interactive games" while they're in a lounge, bar or jacuzzi.

#WTFTumi will also see Tumi Morake engage with a studio audience "and share a bit of banter with her barman" - stealing from the concept started by Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen on America's Bravo channel.

"I am always excited to try something new. This show is raw and unapologetic, especially since it is a late night slot, I can afford to be naughty because the kids have already gone off to bed," says Tumi Morake in a statement.

"We are looking forward to venturing into this new project with Tumi. There are so many creative things planned and we just can’t wait to share them with the viewers," says Adelaide Joshua Hill, Urban Brew Studios head of unscripted productions.