Thursday, July 27, 2017

National Geographic to reveal Princess Diana on DStv in her own words in new documentary film made from her secret Andrew Morton recordings.

National Geographic (DStv 181) has secured the new documentary Diana: In Her Own Words with DStv subscribers that will hear the late Princess Diana telling her side of her life story at a period when the world thought she was living a fairy tale but while her marriage and life was actually falling apart.

Speaking from beyond the grave on 18 August at 20:05, Diana: In Her Own Words is told entirely in Princess Diana's voice, with no interviews, that National Geographic bills as including "unique recordings" that have never been broadcast before. 

Diana: In Her Own Words is spliced together by 1895 Films from archival footage and photography and the secret recordings done in 1991 inside London's Kensington Palace, recorded with her permission by a friend on behalf of the journalist Andrew Morton.

Andrew Morton was writing a book about Princess Diana's life to reveal what life was really like for the most photographed woman in world.

The public was unaware that Princess Diana's marriage to Prince of Wales was at crisis point.

In Diana: In Her Own Words, Princess Diana reveals her intimate thoughts and feelings at a very specific point in her life, providing new perspectives on her relationship with Charles and her life under the microscope of the public glare.

"National Geographic Documentary Films is committed to bringing the world premium feature documentaries that cover timely, provocative and globally relevant stories from the very best documentary filmmakers in the world," says Tim Pastore, National Geographic president of original programming and production.

"This film is no exception as it provides fresh perspective and insight into Diana's side of the story and continues our long tradition of providing our audiences unprecedented access to significant events."

In vivid detail, Princess Diana reflects upon the full story of her life, depicting her circumstances in 1991. She takes viewers from her unhappy childhood to her awkward introduction to Prince Charles when she was just 16 years old,and the dramatic tale of a young girl thrust upon the world's stage.

Diana recounts her emotional wedding day and also her experiences with postpartum depression and bulimia."

"We broke down the major moments of her life and arranged them chronologically, then illustrated them with media reports and archival images from that time," says Tom Jennings, executive producer of Diana: In Her Own Words.