Tuesday, April 11, 2017

SABC3 alerts that Survivor: San Juan Del Sur starting tonight has a longer debut episode duration; will push other shows all 20 minutes later.

After last week's no-show, the SABC is now alerting and pro-actively warning viewers that the debut episode of the new season of Survivor: San Juan Del Sur - moved out a week and now starting tonight - will run longer than usual, and will result in shifting the starting times of other shows later.

SABC3 caused controversy and a viewer uproar last Tuesday night when schedule chaos engulfed the public broadcaster's commercial TV channel after unspecified technical problems prevented the debut episode of the new 29th season of Survivor from starting.

It created a chaotic and unmanaged schedule cascade failure that saw as viewers flee SABC3 after the channel broadcast an erratic and jumbled, start-stop-repeat collection of other shows out of order.

The situation was made worse by the fact that it was the first time in the history of the show since it started on SABC3, that Survivor was moved away from Monday nights to Tuesdays, with viewers who also have to adapt and get used to watching it on a new day of the week.

SABC3 says the broadcast of the first episode of Survivor: San Juan Del Sur, distributed by CBS Studios International, will run for 62 minutes tonight, instead of the usual 48 minutes.

The extended duration of Survivor will affect all of the shows following after Survivor.

It means that The Hostess with Lorna Maseko, Driving in Heels, Trending SA and Days of Our Lives will have an expected delayed starting time of around 20 minutes after its usual starting time.