Wednesday, March 15, 2017

TREAT BOX. kykNET cleverly links its various Afrikaans programming on DStv to different sweet treats - see what show got what 'treat'-ment.

Recently M-Net's Afrikaans entertainment channels division kykNET Fedex-ed over a wonderful "Bederfboks" (treat box) ... inside filled to the brim with all kinds of treats and even hand sanitiser (Binnelanders!) related to various current and upcoming new programming across kykNET's channels.

I thought it was very clever and in 17 years of doing this, never got anything in terms of a press drop like this.

The various treats are mostly related to the various kykNET programming and kykNET's marketing and publicity people made effort and took the time to think of what goes with what.

Here's what's on kykNET and coming up on the channel in 2017 - and the type of treat that was very creatively linked to to it:

Binnelanders (hand sanitiser)
The weekday Afrikaans soap revolving around the personal and professional dramas of the characters at the Binneland Kliniek hospital in Pretoria.

Actuality shows (Jelly Tots Alphabet)
For the weekday stripped actuality show timeslot on kykNET, with different presenters and different subjects on different days of the week.

chatNOU! (Cadbury PS chocolate bar)
The weekday chat show on kykNET & Kie (DStv 145).

9 January Op Die Spel 20:30 (Jelly Tots Numbers)
Second season of the game show about Afrikaans spelling. Rian van Heerden is the host and Gerhard van Huyssteen is the language expert.

9 February Ons Sprokiesbruilof 20:00 (Sweetie Pi)
A new wedding show covering loving couples saying their "I do's" with presenter Sorina Erasmus.

14 February Die Boland Moorde II 20:00 (Cadbury 5Star chocolate bar)
a New second season of the Afrikaans crime series set in the Boland. Every episode is 90 minutes long with the team, now lead by Colonel Khumalo, tackling cases ranging from theatre deaths and internet radio stations to art exhibitions, students and drugs and candle lit dinners.

Stiam Bam and Brendon Daniels are liuetenants Andre Fourie and Shane Williams, members of the Boland Investigation Unit.

5 April Tyd met Aleit (Ferrero Rocher chocolate balls)

7 April Kunsvlyt (Cadbury Marvellous Creations chocolate bar)
A brand-new reality series revolving around arts and crafts. 10 contestants battle it out with scissors, paint brushes, glue, paper and paint to conjure up creative creations.

10 April Leef Jou Reis (Toblerone)
The magazine travel show with presenter Gerrie Pretorius is back for another new season.

10 April Phil 101 (Smarties)
A new Afrikaans comedy series set at the philosophy department of the Sentrale Universiteit van Suid-Afrika (Susa).
It follows the lives of Phillip Coetzee (Bennie Fourie) appointed as the new head of the philosophy department. With actors Frank Opperman, Pierre van Pletzen, Stiaan Smith, Sandra Vaughn and Elma Postma.

23 February kykNET Fiëstas (pack of Sparkles)
The annual awards show celebrating up-and-coming and established artists and productions at festivals.

30 March Save the Date (TV Bar)
kykNET is having a media day and press conference with TV critics and the press for a big announcement regarding the new rebranding of the various kykNET channel logos.

4 April La't Wiel (Rolo)
kykNET's Afrikaans motoring magazine show that's been on the air since 2004.

5 April Kokkedoortjie 20:00 (Rascals)
The new season of the local baking show, this time with kids showing their mettle behind the stove.
There are 13 half hour episodes in which 10 kids from across South Africa shows what they can do behind the stove.
Produced by Homebrew Films, Mari-Louis Guy and Nic van Wyk are the judges.

11 April Sara se Geheim 20:00 (Ghost Pops)
A new Afrikaans drama series with 26 episodes in which the past comes back to haunt the Cloete, Kiewiet and Vermeulen families.
While they all live worlds away, they're all linked by a secret that's 35 years old.  With actors June van Merch, David Minnaar, Lee-Ann van Rooi, Brendon Daniels. Marlo Minnaar and Nicola Hanekom.

16 April Taliep Petersen tribute (Caramel flavoured mint)
Not much is yet known about this special programming but it will clearly be a broadcast/event dedicated to the Afrikaans artist.