Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Contestants not told after their wilderness reality show got cancelled - struggle on for months until they have now finally all given up.

Their British wilderness reality show in which they were left to survive on their own got cancelled months ago – only nobody bothered to actually tell the poor contestants breaking teeth trying to munch on chicken feed.

Emerging with the contestants who have now found their way back to civilisation, are reports that the contestants on the quickly cancelled Eden, had no idea that their show wasn't even on TV anymore.

According to The Guardian, only four episodes of Eden were broadcast on British television last year, although the contestants – dumped in a remote corner of the Scottish Highlands and trying to create a new patch of civilisation – were never told that the show is actually over.

With remote-controlled cameras supposedly keeping watch and filming, the 23 men and women started out trying to create a shelter and their own community. Yet, when Channel 4 yanked the show, nobody told the contestants with the broadcaster who simply left the cast in the wild.

Apparently 13 of the 23 contestants left the show, unable to cope, although the rest kept going in utter squalor for months – unaware that nobody was even watching.

According to a local newspaper, the last contestants have now given up and deserted Eden – only to discovery the show isn't even being broadcast.

"The last 10 have left. Some of the participants were even seen in the dentist at Fort William needing treatment after eating chicken feed grit," the Press and Journal reported.

Channel 4 confirmed that "the year in Eden is over and the contributors are headed back to their old lives".

Now the contestants have to adjust to a world with Donald Trump as the American president and a looming Britsh Brexit.