Tuesday, February 14, 2017

DAILY TV NEWS ROUND-UP. Today's interesting TV stories to read from TVwithThinus - 14 February 2017.

Here's the latest news about TV that I read, and that you should too:

■ A reality show from Donald Trump's White House?
How TV conventions and TV reality production manipulations have infiltrated daily life.

■ American pay-TV has become more like Comedy Central's (DStv 122) The Daily Show in covering Donald Trump.
Except for FOX News (StarSat 261) that has become the uncritical Trump TV.

■ Australia's ABC looks set to load up on reality television.
The Australian Broadcasting Corporation's new head of "non-scripted" programming coming over from Foxtel loves her reality TV.

■ Woman breastfeeds a baby pig on live TV in Peru.
Wanted to show how much flooding has affected her farm.

■ Puffing away: More than a 5th of all TV programming in India shows smoking.
Tobacco use depicted in 22% of TV programmes, 77% of which were broadcast when children may be watching.

■ Trash fight with each other on television in Egypt.
Panelists debating Shiite books on Egyptian TV start throwing each other with stuff while the cameras roll.

■ Last Week Tonight with John Oliver is back with a spectacular take-down of Donald Trump
And an even more spectacular cowboy-inspired TV commercial plan to enter Donald Trump's "info-stream. The 4th season of Last Week Tonight with John Oliver will start showing on M-Net Edge (DStv 102) on Saturday 18 February 22:10.

■ MUST READ: Pay-TV becoming the big loser in the consumer entertainment industry.
The Economist on how subscription television in America's formula of constantly adding TV channels and charging more, no longer appeals. There may be more things to watch than ever before, but there's only so much content people can take.
Pay-TV channels that grew fat on subscriptions are forced to invest in content.

■ What Australia's TV channels are doing in 2017 and where they're heading to in terms of programming.
Oz TV bosses talk about how free-to-air channels compete and can compete, loading up on reality TV, what it's lost to pay-TV and why its important to make TV where viewers "have to watch that night in order to watch the conversation the next day".

■ Kenya's KBC dragged to court over digital terrestrial television (DTT) contract awarded to StarTimes.
Lawsuit alleges that DTT contract between the Kenya Broadcasting Corporation (KBC) and StarTimes is riddled with kickbacks to senior government officials.

■ Meanwhile a veil is pulled over the contract details of the Ghana Football Association (GFA) that is kept secret because StarTimes demands it.

■ How advances in TV set technology is changing trends.
The new developments and trends that will shape the TV making biz in 2017.

■ The head of Gambia's state broadcaster fired.
Malick Jones, only appointed in December, has been fired with immediate effect as the purge of dictator Yahya Jammeh's former loyalists continue.

■ Algerian TV journalist released.
Hassan Bouras got a suspended jail sentence. Was arrested simply for doing an interview for Al Magharibia, a private pay-TV channel in Algeria, with residents accusing judicial and security officials taking bribes and involved in corruption.

■ Suicide rates rising under Bengali TV actors and film makers.
Why are the people working in this area under so much stress?

■ Television in Russia is on the decline as the most popular medium.
State-run television in Russia is losing its grip on consumers in the internet age.

■ Is fan TV just looking for attention?
Learn more about TV channels giving sport supporters a chance to vent - but are they just looking for notoriety?

■ Cameroon's public state broadcaster promises to launch 2 new TV channels in 2017.
Cameroon's Cameroon Radio & Television (CRTV) says it will launch a dedicated sports channel and a 24-hour TV news channel this year. The news channel was already supposed to start in the beginning of 2016.

■ Kenya TV reporter Roncliff Odit survives a car accident.
Hit a pot hole while driving to Mombasa.

■ The new Klingons as they will look in Star Trek: Discovery ... or not?
Actor posts a photo from the Toronto set saying its the new "Klingon crew', and then the photo gets pulled.
■ And hopefully they don't wear red shirts: Star Trek: Discovery adds 3 actors as Starfleet officers.

■ The shallow, implausible women flooding China's TV dramas.
Blame cheap Chinese TV producers using amateur instead of professional writers.

■ The BBC planning a new show to rival The Great British Bake Off.
The BBC wants a new baking show after losing it to Channel 4.

■ White House reality TV star Omarosa allegedly threatens and bullies a journalist.
Allegedly physically intimidated a reporter and made verbal threats, saying Donald Trump has collected "dossiers" of negative information on several journalists.

■ Apple Music unveils its first 2 TV series.
Unscripted series Carpool Kareoke and Planet of the Apps will roll out on the service later this year.