Wednesday, December 7, 2016

BBC Worldwide Africa's boss says that after a year, the BBC's new global channels in South Africa on DStv 'has gone from strength to strength'.

A year after the relaunch of its channels portfolio and introduction of new channels in South Africa and in some African countries on MultiChoice's DStv, BBC Worldwide Africa's boss says the BBC's set of new global channels has gone from strength to strength.

BBC Worldwide introduced BBC First, BBC Earth and BBC Brit in mid-October and September 2015, in addition to the existing BBC Lifestyle, CBeebies and BBC World News.

South African DStv subscribers have access to the whole set, while selected African countries get some of the BBC Worldwide channels.

BBC Worldwide opened its African office in Johannesburg in January 2015 and in August 2015 appointed Shireez Latief as its first in-country senior marketing manager.

BBC Worldwide says in the past year - since the launch of BBC First, BBC Brit and BBC Earth that replaced BBC Entertainment and BBC Knowledge - BBC Worldwide has strengthened its presence in the South African market as the brand reached out to local audiences and introduced new viewers to the BBC's portfolio of content.

"It marks a year since the new global brands were launched to the South African market. Since then, the full channel portfolio on DStv featuring news, entertainment and lifestyle programming, has gone from strength to strength," says Joel Churcher, BBC Worldwide Africa's vice-president and general manager.

"BBC Worldwide continues to significantly invest in world-class, premium programming."

BBC Worldwide Africa recently won Loerie awards in the local advertising industry for ads for BBC Lifestyle's Great South African Bake Off and BBC Brit's Top Gear.

"This recognition across the continent reflects BBC Worldwide's commitment to the African market and understanding the importance of what matters most to our local African audiences."