Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Turner Africa's Cartoon Network adds a series of localised shorts, Pop Up Party; says Cartoon Network will be producing more local-inspired shows.

Urban Brew Studios has produced new localised African TV content for Turner Broadcasting in Africa's Cartoon Network (DStv 301) on MultiChoice's DStv in the form of a shorts series, Pop Up Party.

Pop Up Party can be seen since July on the Cartoon Network, following a young crew of local dancers as they "pop up" in various locations to dance.

The aim of Pop Up Party is to "entertain and expose all Africans to Cartoon Network's amazing world of kids entertainment with this fresh localised series of shorts," says Pierre Branco, the vice president and managing director of Turner Africa.

"Turner is proud of our audience on the African continent and to show our commitment to Africa, Cartoon Network will be producing more local-inspired shows, using some of Africa's best and most inspiring talents," says Pierre Branco.