Friday, August 12, 2016

Second season of music collaboration show Coke Studio on starting on 27 August moves to Saturdays; adds Nandi Mngoma and Trey Sineke as presenters.

As expected, the international Coca-Cola marketing show, Coke Studio, is back for a local South African second season on, adding presenters Nandi Mngoma and Trevor "Trey" Sineke and moving to Saturdays.

The second season of Coke Studio on will start on Saturday 27 August at 18:05.

The advertiser-funded production (AFP) takes a page from the former SABC2, now on SABC3, Jam Sandwich playbook, showcasing local South African artists doing collaborations to come up with new songs from scratch.

In Coke Studio artists from different genres are paired up together with South African music producers, and given two days to create two new songs, infusing different music styles, recorded in front of a live studio audience.

"Coke Studio is a unique and authentic platform for musicians and producers to get together and make original music," says Brian O'Shea, Goodnoise executive producer.

"This approach results in the production of both unexpected and exciting new music that may have never happened otherwise. What has really inspired us is the talent from artists who come together from different regions, genres and languages," says Brian O'Shea.

"We strive to bring our audiences the best in local content and we know that they enjoy music shows," says Marlon Davids, managing director for's channels division. "Coke Studio celebrates the creative sounds created by our top South African musicians".

The second season of Coke Studio will start with Riky Rick and Scales, produced by Sketchy Bongo. Other collaborations during the season will include Jimmy Nevis, Morena Squire, Tony Delazy, Monark, Francois Van Coke and Fifi Cooper.