Thursday, August 18, 2016

Bye-bye, The McLaughlin Group: The McLaughlin Group to end this weekend after 34 years with a final episode as a special retrospective tribute.

After 34 years on the air, The McLaughlin Group will end this weekend with its final episode, following the death this week on Tuesday of its moderator and host John McLaughlin (89).

The final episode of The McLaughlin Group will be recorded on Friday and will take the form of a special tribute retrospective episode with the existing panelists of Pat Buchanan, Tom Rogan, Eleanor Clift and Clarence Page.

The final episode will be done to honour the legacy of John McLaughlin.

The McLaughlin Group can be viewed online.

■ Esquire's 2008 essay reprinted: The McLaughlin Group taught me more about human interaction than any other show.
"There are 388 shows on television that feature lunatics yelling at one another, but this is still the only good one".

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